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WATER HEATER CARE! With these 3 simple maintenance tips your water heater will continue running smooth – providing you warm baths, clean clothes and sparkling pots and pans. TIP 1 – Adjust the thermostat to 120 degrees. You’ll save up to 5% in energy costs for every 10 degrees you lower the temperature, plus you’ll reduce the risk of scalding. TIP 2 – Always maintain 2 feet of clearance around the appliance unless the manual specifically states otherwise. TIP 3 – Drain about a quarter of the tank a few times a year to remove sediment and debris. Turn off the cold water supply, hook up a garden hose to the drain valve, then run into a bucket until the water is clear. If the water remains cloudy, briefly open the water supply valve to stir up remaining sediment, and drain the tank again. This also makes the unit operate more quietly.

BACK TO SCHOOL TIP! Be sure your children have plenty of time to eat in the morning so they don’t resort to grabbing a Pop-Tart on the way out the door. Offer healthy, protein-rich foods such as boiled eggs, yogurt, whole-wheat bagels with cream cheese and peanut-butter bananas. A healthy breakfast provides a solid foundation for the day.

BOBBING FOR STRAWS? Not anymore… Keep your straw in place whenever you crack open an icy cold can of soda by rotating the tab and inserting the straw through the larger hole.

FAN-TASTIC! Did you know the direction that your fan rotates should change with the seasons? In the cooler months, a clockwise rotation creates an updraft that forces warm air from your ceiling into your living space. A counterclockwise rotation creates a nice breeze, which is ideal for warmer months.

THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD! During the summer kids can spend hours playing together. Sometimes the entire neighborhood seems to show up at your home more than others leaving you to provide daily entertainment and nanny duty or feeling like you are feeding the entire cul-de-sac. THE SOLUTION: Arrange playdates where you and other parents alternate which house kids play at during the week and communicate these arrangements with your kids to avoid misunderstandings.

DID YOU KNOW? Placing a sprinkle of cinnamon in your child’s sandbox will keep ants and other pesky bugs out of the play area.

SMELL THE ROSES! Keep flowers fresher and water cleaner by placing a small lump of charcoal at the bottom of your flower vase or container. Doing this will keep flowers from wilting longer and will also keep the water from becoming stale and dirty.

TEACHING KIDS: Rewarding your kids with an allowance from weekly chores is nice but what about extras? Using a job board post extra chores your kids can do to earn extra money. Have them budget their money for line items like investments, donations and long term goals. Using this approach draws a connection between work and wealth through extra effort.

COLD OR FLU? Here’s how you spot the difference! Flu symptoms can include dry/hacking cough, fever, shaking chills, severe fatigue, nausea and vomiting… as well as symptoms from the common cold such as sore throat and runny nose. Make sure to practice good hygiene and drink plenty of water to keep healthy!

HOLIDAY SECURITY TIPS! While you’re busy enjoying holiday events, criminals are busy watching your home. Be extra careful about locking doors and windows when you leave home. You should also:
• Leave a radio or TV on so it looks like someone is home.
• Keep indoor lights on a timer.
• Not openly display gifts in front of windows.
• Ask someone to pick up your mail or newspaper if you’ll be gone for longer periods.
• Not hide the spare key in obvious places. Burglars know to look under doormats, rocks, flowerpots and above the door.

HOLIDAY TIME SAVER! Save time peeling potatoes by boiling them first, peel and all. Once they’ve boiled, shock them in ice water and the skin will come right off when you rub them.

DIRTY POTS? Using salt is a natural and easy way to clean burnt food off of pots and pans. Fill your pots or pans with water and add a few tablespoons of salt. Let them soak for a few hours, and then bring the salt water to a boil. Spill out the water and wash the pot as usual.

EGG-SPECTACULAR! To make scrambled eggs or omelets extra rich add a couple of spoonfuls of either sour cream, cream cheese, or heavy cream; then beat them.

IS YOUR PILLOW TOO OLD? Pillows have a limited lifespan and if you can’t remember the last time you replaced yours here’s a quick way to test if its time: Fold your pillow in half, squeezing the air out of it. If it does not quickly spring back to shape…it’s time. Sleep tight!

NO MORE POPSICLE MESS! Use cupcake liners to catch those Popsicle drips!

SIMPLE PAINT TOUCH-UPS! Make it easy by pouring a few ounces of wall paint into a jar for when you need to fill nail holes and scuffs.

NEED A QUICK SNACK? A shoe organizer is perfect for organizing snacks in the pantry.

QUICK CHARGE! When you need to charge your phone quickly make sure to turn it off. It will charge faster this way. Also, make sure you are using the charger that came with the phone. Cheap replacements may not provide the best amperage. Good day!

HANDY TOOLS! I’ve compiled a list of tools that won’t take up valuable closet space, but will also have you prepared for the next fix-it job around the house. 1. Screwdrivers 2. Measuring Tape 3. Box Cutter 4. Level 5. Hammer 6. Crescent Wrench 7. Pliers

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HONEY DOOS: Here’s a quick way to organize all those tools and brooms. 2X4’s and PVC couldn’t be easier! Place PVC at the mid section and the bottom to start making more space in your place.

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Marshmallows from the freezer make the perfect ice pack for lil’ bobos. Nice and soft and not too cold!

what can toothpaste clean?

Toothpaste cleans gunk off chrome, shines shoes white again, removes coffee mug stains & even shines silver & ivory!

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CLEAN YOUR SHOWER CURTAINS! Whether fabric, plastic or vinyl just throw them in the washing machine to remove soap scum, shampoo and mildew! #youarefamily

how to know when dishes are clean

Keep your dirty dishes away from the clean ones by simply placing a velcro sign that shows what lies inside. Clean on one side, dirty on the other. Good luck!

when to change your homes air filters

Right after summer is when your home’s air filters will be the filthiest. Change out those dusty things and get ready for fall allergens!

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Your dishwasher can wash more than dishes. Wash toys, dolls, hairbrushes, shoes, sandles and even removable cup holders!

easiest way to make your bed

EASIEST WAY TO MAKE YOUR BED! When you wake up move to the center of the bed. Pull the covers up to your chin and spread the covers out with your arms & feet. Slide your way out, fluff your pillows and you’re done!

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ZAP THE SPONGE! Sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria. Disinfect yours every night by squeezing it out and microwaving it on high for one minute. When it’s shredded and smelly, replace it.

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Here’s how to get your coffee grinder super duper clean: Run white rice grains through your coffee grinder to clean and remove stale odors. After a couple of cycles simply toss the rice and wipe your grinder clean.

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There are many uses for dryer sheets including scrubbing pots and pans, removing glass water spots and wiping up little wall masterpieces.

how to clean a ceiling fan

Clean your ceiling fans without making a mess! Simply slide an old pillowcase over each blade, then slowly draw back the fabric. Done!

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LADIES! Use a spare glasses case to stash extra makeup. Tucked in your purse this simple use makes for quick touch up’s throughout the day.

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Taking your child in for a hair cut isn’t always the easiest task. Avoid sheer madness using these three strategies to keep your child calm. 1. Children love spray bottles. Have the stylist allow your child to hold the water bottle spritzing a towel you hold. 2. The high-necked capes at salons can be constricting. Bring a familiar oversize T-shirt instead. 3. Play a video on your iPad or read a book out loud to provide a distraction.

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TO PRIME or NOT: When painting previously painted walls it’s always best to apply two coats of paint to cover the old color. Using a primer will allow a single coat of paint to stick a lot better thus giving you a professional look without having to apply coat after coat.

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SOLVE the “Where Should We Eat” ARGUMENT…A few suggestions to save you time and headache when deciding where to eat: 1. Alternate who gets to pick 2. Do a facebook friend survey 3. Each choose a place and flip a coin 4. The March Madness elimination bracket

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I completed my 21day fix program and I wanted to share a few ways to make healthy food taste better. The best ways are to experiment with herbs and seasonings while also marinating your food with light dressings and spices. Fresh rosemary and ginger work wonders. You can also use fruit to add more flavor and sweetness in your dishes and salads.

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HOME TIP: Bacon & Eggs! Getting rid of bacon grease can be a challenge but pouring it into the used eggs shells give time for the grease to cool and making disposal a simple toss. Give it a try!


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