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Short Sale Selling and Buying in San Antonio

discount realtors in san antonio low feesAre you wondering what to do? Are you facing a tough situation with your home and need a safe way out?

At Team Kristen Schramme we specialize in helping people and families with short sale selling. Whether you find yourself in a new job in another city, going through divorce and separation or maybe you are facing foreclosure; regardless of the situation we understand that this is a stressful period. We have your safe way out! Short sales take time and you may need to sale your home fast.  Start by emailing me today!

Below are the top reasons you should consider performing a short sell with Team Kristen Schramme.


1. Avoid foreclosure stigma- There is no “seven year limit” on a home foreclosure. You can’t hide this situation during any future mortgage application and must disclose this during credit inquiries.

2. Protect your credit score- On average with a foreclosure you should expect your credit score to drop by 300 plus points. This will devastate any future of current credit applications you have at the time.  A short sale will only impact your credit score by half as much.

3. Government insured loans are more likely- By having your home foreclosed on will certainly prevent you from obtaining any government insured loan for 5-7 years but in a short sale you will shorten this period to only two years. A foreclosure is one credit report item that is nearly impossible to repair.

4. Protect employment opportunities- Today many companies run credit checks on potential employees as a way to find the most responsible workers. Foreclosure can be a quick red flag that prevents you from getting hired. Prevent putting your job search in jeopardy by initiating a short sale selling.

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