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Stage Your Home, Real Estate Selling Tips that Work!

best realtor tips for staging and selling your home

Selling your home in a bad or good market doesn’t matter how you sell it. The selling process is the same. It’s the time that matters. How fast do you want or need to sell your home? Staging your home gives you a big advantage over a nearby home that looks cluttered or is completely empty. Here are a couple of good questions and answers to why staging works:

Is it worth the extra money to have your home staged?

Home staging ranges in price based on the Stager and the amount of staging that is done. I’ve spent as low as $200 but never more than $1200 to have my homes professional staged. Is it worth the money? YES! Even spending $150 for a basic staging service should bring you thousands in return. By staging a home I’ve always sold it for more money than I would without staging. Home Staging brings the home a more luxurious or cozy appeal. Subconsciously this makes potential buyers feel at home. Imagine walking into a cluttered home with outdated decor vs. a sleek and modern look. The difference matters. Imagine walking into a completely empty home. Buyers are instantly filled with empty emotion wondering “what was here?” A fully staged home opens up the minds of buyers making them feel quickly at home. That’s just one of my home selling tactics that help my clients see the advantage in my real estate tactics. LEARN MORE ABOUT MY REAL ESTATE EXPERIENCE.

Will my home sell faster with staging?

Great Realtors will always be consistent with selling tactics that work. In my years of real estate I can tell you, an unstaged home will sit longer on the market that a staged home. Do you need to sell your home quickly or can you afford to be patient? Will being patient equal to lost profit, time and lost buyer opportunities? Yes it will. The time a house spends on the market without staging typically ranges from 30-60 days longer.  With staging I’m selling homes nearly a month or more quicker time and time again. Getting multiple offers is always exciting too. My sellers love being able to pick and choose what offer works best for their selling needs.

These reasons are good examples of why staging your home will have you excited that you made the choice to do so. So when your next door neighbor decides to save money, over time, you’ll be happy that your home sells faster and for more money. Faster for more…what sounds better than that? Nothing. Contact me today about selling your home in or around the San Antonio area.

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